​Upcoming Events for 2018

* Hoops 4 Victory Basketball Tournament 3.10.18

* National 100K Signature Drive Campaign- TBA

* Swinging for Sarcoma Golf Tournament- TBA

* 4th Annual Walk of Victory 5k- July 21, 2018

* 4th Annual Book Drive for Literacy donations begin - July-Sept

* Book Drive distributions for Childhood Cancer         Awareness Month- September 2018

* 4th Annual Sock Drive Donations Oct.- Dec.

* 4th Annual Sock Drive distributions- Dec. 2018

Highlights of 2016

​​​Highlights of 2017

RAFSOD'S 4th Annual 5k Run/ Walk of Victory 


 The mission of Raven A. Fecunda's Sunflowers of Destiny Foundation is to educate while creating a greater awareness of sarcoma cancer and providing a financial support bases for patients and their families and resources to facilities as we continue to hope for a cure to be found. 

Raven's Vision lives on through the walk as it was her signature event. She worked diligently with her parents and thought about the details that would occur at the 1st walk, however Jesus saw fit to call her home before she could see her dream become a reality. Raven always wanted to be a blessing and give back especially since she had been blessed her whole life. Raven never wanted anyone to suffer or to do without, so through the outreach efforts of her walk, she and her family would be able to touch many families during their journey of cancer. You see Raven was the perfect example of how one should live a life pleasing to God, being positive while facing daily adversity with a smile on her face that radiated from deep down within. So it is our honor and pleasure to carry on the legacy that she left and be a blessing to others by continuing the fight against cancer. This 1k/5k is held in her honor and those who battle now as well as the ones that have also met the Saviour. We look forward to the day when no child or adult has to suffer and fight cancer. It is with your help that our efforts are possible.  We tha​nk you all for your participation and support.