Donated socks & pj's must be new. All sizes needed for girls and boys.

Distribution Dates:

​All socks and pajamas will be delivered to

​local Children's hospital networks the week

​of Christmas 2017.

      3rd Annual Sowing for

      Socks & Pj's Drive 2017


What is the Sowing for Socks & Pj's Drive?

This drive initially began in 2015 as a sock drive in memory of our Raven and to be a blessing to other children. She spent four months in the hospital the last six months of her life and she hated the hospital socks, so the affinity that she already had for different fun colored and style socks just became more prevelant. So we thought it to be a fun and thoughtful thing to share with other children that may also feel the same way as Raven. So our initial drive in 2015 resulted in a donation of over 600 pairs of socks, in 2016, our goal was more than tripled and the concept became more and more appreciated by the hospitals and the children's families because there is a true need. We donated over 2300 pairs of socks to 8 different networks. What a great accomplishment that we made with the support of many private and business donations. This year we decided to add pajamas to the mix as it was noted there is a huge need, as many children are admitted they don't have any pj's and in many cases the parents can not afford them, because they are considered a luxury. Again, with your donations we can make a difference one child at a time. Thank you in advance for your help!

 Upcoming Events 2017:  

How can you help?

- You can purchase socks & pjs and we can arrange a pick location we will meet you or you can ship them if you are out of town.

- If you don't have time to shop we will do it for you and you can send a donation to our PayPal in the link above: PayPal.me/rafsodfdn

​Donation Dates:

​October- December 17, 2017