How we began our destiny.......

The Raven A. Fecunda's Sunflowers of Destiny Foundation began with a vision from Raven herself. Raven was a very positive, enthusiastic, cheerful and determined young lady who battled with the disease for 21 months.Raven was diagnosed with a rare form of sarcoma cancer, Favor Extraskeletal Myxoid Chondrosarcoma. This rarity encompasses 1% of all new cancer cases per year. There are more than 50 sarcoma sub-types with only one drug that has been approved to treat multiple sub-types in 30 years.  Raven launched the foundation because she wanted to create awareness about sarcoma cancer, while providing financial support for sarcoma patients and their families. Raven wanted to take some of the burden away from the patients, so their focus could be healing and restoration and not how they would get to treatment or have the need to decide between treatment or buying food to eat. 

Raven's dream of establishing a foundation became a reality in April 2015, the RAFSOD Foundation was launched. Raven was known as the sunflower princess because of her radiant and infectious smile;she planted seeds of destiny everywhere that she went. Raven chose the sunflower as her logo, because it is the only flower that stands erect to face the sun no matter what the conditions may be surrounding the flower, no matter what, it stands tall and shines brightly!This is how Raven viewed herself. Raven wanted all, who crossed her path to have that same hope, that they also could stand boldly and face any challenge that they faced.

After surviving many surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy treatments and lengthy hospital stays, Raven earned her wings on June 6, 2015 at age 22.

Raven's family is dedicated to continuing her dream, spreading seeds of love and her legacy of being the catalyst to assist others financially with this aggressive disease and ease their journey along the process.  

Our Mission statement:

The mission of RAFSOD Foundationis to educate whilecreating a greater awareness of sarcoma cancer and to provide a financial support to sarcoma patients that otherwise could not provide it for themselves or theirfamilies.

We are an independent not for profit foundation that wants to serve sarcoma patients to ease their journey through this rare, aggressive and serious disease.

​​ Raven A. Fecunda's Sunflowers of Destiny Foundation

"Love for all , in the name of love." -Raven A. Fecunda