Raven A. Fecunda's Sunflowers of Destiny held its very first fundraising event on July 25,2015. Raven had a vision a year ago to host a 5K Walk/Run. The vision became a reality as an annual event the" Walk of Victory". It was very successful for the first year, we had over 125 participants, many corporate sponsors and individual ones as well. Here are a few pictures from the event.  

Feature News story on WFAA about Raven: 


Sunflowers of Destiny Foundation

Raven A. Fecunda's


"Love for all, in the name of love, that need it the most."- Raven A. Fecunda 

There are times in our lives when a ray of sunshine, is not quite enough to brighten our day. It can be even tougher when you have a rare sarcoma cancer and each day your life is changing rapidly right before your eyes. It can become a burden to provide for yourself and your loved ones. It can be a hard choice to decide to go to treatment, or do I buy groceries, or pay the electricity bill. Well, we at the Raven A. Fecunda's Sunflowers of Destiny Foundation, do just that by reaching out to patients, and providing them with that ray of sunshine, joy and happiness that will provoke a smile, increase laughter and provide hope to the people we touch and impact on a daily basis. 

We are an independent, not for profit foundation that wants to provide a financial support base for sarcoma patients and their families. Our goal is to spread seeds of love, while we minimize and ease the stress level in their journey through this rare and serious illness. 


Like the music that you hear? 

Dr. Willene Owens dedicated her cd in honor of our sweet Raven. When you order a copy of the cd. Dr.Owens donates a portion of the cd sales back to our foundation. 

you may purchase a copy at: