We have four stages to spreading seeds through assistance. Each of these stages helps to build on the next stage to help create assistance for sarcoma patients far above and beyond what they expect. Assistance is frequently a need that the patient or family has that is a source of fulfillment for a desire the patient has. We ensure this is a positive experience that allows them to have some added peace of mind and comfort while going through this rare, aggressive, and serious illness they are experiencing while going through their treatment plan. 

This assistance is far more often than just a need to simply fulfill their daily living, but it allows the patient to feel they still have a sense purpose and destiny as well as a promise for the future. 


Finding the area of Need:

We have a team of compassionate and caring volunteers that will help uncover the need and how our foundation can ensure that the immediate need is provided for and accomplished in a timely manner with a spirit of excellence.  

How we Spread Seeds through assistance 


Medical & Financial Eligibility: 

We determine a person's medical eligibility through their attending physician and some financial eligibility through proof of income.  To receive assistance a person must have sarcoma cancer, actively receiving treatments and have a financial hardship that increases their immediate need. 


Spreading seeds of Joy and happiness:

We have a wonderful team in place that will ensure that the process runs smoothly , with much care and compassion during such a sensitive time. It will be a very pleasant experience that will promote seeds of joy and happiness that will lead to your destiny and help to decrease stress levels.   


Patient Referrals:

We rely on medical professionals, families, and care-givers for referrals.